Photo results

Ok, the crockpot loaf of bread took 2 hours to bake…..BUT without the heat of the oven!     This won’t work for baking multiple loaves of bread at once, but it definitely would work for someone that only bakes one loaf at a time.

Here are the photos….the crockpot loaf is the one on the right.    It didn’t rise as high, but it was slightly smaller to start with (3 oz smaller), and it didn’t really brown too much either, but neither did the two oven baked loaves.   It is too hot to cut, so I can’t tell you what the texture differences are (if there are any), but I will definitely report back with those results!

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1 Response to Photo results

  1. Lori,

    I’m thrilled that you did this side-by-side comparison! What a fantastic idea—

    I’m so happy that you have been getting a lot of use out of your crockpot. Give your hubby a hug for me for being a good sport about the Vietnamese chicken.

    this is so wonderful; I’m thrilled to have found these write-ups!

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