Another drawing to go checkout…..

Hi all,

One of my very dear bloggy friends Elizabeth is hosting a giveaway.   Please visit her blog to check it out….. here’s what she’s giving away…..   

If you choose to enter, let her know you got there through my website 🙂  I’m interested to see how many of my readers go and comment and read Elizabeth’s blog!  It is a nice calm, sweet blog with a lot of love and beauty!   I LOVE reading Elizabeth’s blog……oh!  and she loves to cook and prepares the most beautiful meals for her husband!  🙂  Gotta love that!

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1 Response to Another drawing to go checkout…..

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Lori,
    I have to admit I am very discouraged by the number of people that have entered. People are reading my blog but not responsing. I just don’t understand it. It is a wonderful package.

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