A “yay me” moment :)

This morning I was logging my mileage from my pedometer from yesterday into my personal journal (I’m keeping track of my exercise, and my next step will be to track my food….just not quite “there” yet…..) anyhow, I totalled up my mileage from this week (of every step that I took, not just intentional exercise) and my total for the week was 26.42 miles.  PLUS I had 2 hours and 40 minutes of swimming time!!!!     I’m so excited, because I truly love exercise….WHEN I’m in a habit of doing it!  It makes me feel so good, and my body responds better and quicker, and I tend to be less fatigued (although I still have fatigue issues….just less pronounced), and I have less headaches, neck aches, and knee issues.   AND I tend to lose weight….which will help me to remain healthy for my God, my family, and my ministry.   At the end of the summer (in September or October) I’m going to make an appointment for my yearly physical and to have my cholesterol checked again….I can’t wait to see how much it has gone down since last year! 🙂

One of the other exciting things about all of this is that I’ve got D walking with me on Saturday’s (with our close friends D & S) and this past Saturday their oldest daughter walked with us, and we are talking about getting all of the kids involved on Saturday’s.   Wooohoooo–family fitness!  I love it!

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