A new adventure for our oldest daughter…..

As any of my longtime readers may remember, and my real life friends and family know, our oldest daughter, R, has been on several local missions “trips”/service projects.  But she has always stayed at the church and they have done service projects for the community for 3-4 days.   This past year, our new High School pastor explored many different options for the students for a summer missions project …. what the Lord finally worked out all of the details for was a missions trip to work in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, CA.    (Yes, we live in Central California……it’s approx. 3 1/2 hour drive to San Francisco)      There are approx. 50 people (30 students and 20 chaperones/family members) that left early this morning to make the trek to the San Francisco Bay Area (they will also be serving in Oakland for part of the time) to serve the poorest of the poor, the homeless, the ill/housebound and the community at large in those areas.   R was SOOOOO excited!  For the past week she’s been counting down the days until her first official missions TRIP…..yesterday we spent the day finishing up her laundry, packing her duffle bag, etc.  and then this morning she got up early (she is NOT a morning person!) and had breakfast with her Daddy and I and her best friend/sister H, we prayed over her, and then off she and I went to the church.   It is amazing how much God was able to pack into those 7 (I think?) vans!   Food for 50 people for 3 days, luggage/sleeping bags/pillows for 50 people, and various other items that teens find to be valuable on a 3 1/2 hour car ride (iPods, personal gaming systems, cell phones, etc, etc, etc)…..I honestly didn’t think that they’d get it all in, but they did!

Please pray for these students and adults as they minister to the people in the Bay Area and serve the various ministries in the Tenderloin District and the city of Oakland.   Please pray for their true hearts to be seen, for hearts to be transformed by Him, and for their safety and health.   I will update more when she gets back late Saturday night.


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