WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FSU Bulldogs won the College World Series!   And oh boy there was some hollering and high fiving and cheering going on in our house last night!  Guess who was the loudest…..Yes, me 🙂   It is hilarious, because one minute I’m saying “that boy needs a haircut!—-His Mom should do something about that!” and the next I’m hollerin’ and carryin’ on because they won the College World Series!    The “dog pile” at the end of the game was awesome, and my girls thought it was so fun watching them do that (remember, we only have the two “little girls” at home this week, the two older kiddos are at camp).    Steve Detwiler was the player of the game, and he really really showed his stuff!  He has a torn ligament in his thumb and is facing surgery in the next few days/weeks, yet he hit two home runs that brought in 4 RBIs (runs batted in) (yes, that means he was “responsible” for all 6 runs), AND if that wasn’t enough, he caught the ball that made the final out which won the game for us!   This kid is amazing and he is all heart!

Ok, thank you all for indulging my sports fan side, now we return to our regularly scheduled blogging 🙂

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