19-10…..a reason for a party!!!!

Our family, as many of my readers know, are HUGE hockey fans….in our house, hockey = love and life because that is how D and I met when we were just kids (he was 11 and I was 10)….without hockey we wouldn’t have met, become best friends, fallen in love, gotten married and had our 4 beautiful blessings. Ok, so we are HUGE hockey fans, all 6 of us! We do watch an occasional professional football game on television and we try to get to a semi-pro baseball game every couple of years (before we moved we went to several each season), but our sports LOVE is hockey. EXCEPT when it comes to Fresno State sports! It’s hilarious because neither D nor I ever went to Fresno State, but we lived in the Fresno/Clovis area for several years, and D’s grandparents, parents and 1 of his sisters graduated from there……so we closely follow most of their major sports (we don’t follow basketball…..just have never gotten into that game!). Well, we haven’t watched or listened to a Fresno State baseball game in probably 4 years……except for this year! Have you heard? Fresno State Baseball aka “Diamond Dogs” are the cinderalla story of the College World Series in Omaha, NE. They have gone from “underdogs” to “wonder Dogs!”. They came into the College World Series (CWS) as the lowest seeded team to ever make it to the CWS, and weren’t expected to make it past the first round……well, we made it all the way to the finals…..and beat Georgia Bulldogs 19-10 last night! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight they will play in the final game of the CWS, and that calls for a party, right?

SO, we called my father in love last night after the FSU Bulldog victory and invited him to watch the game tonight and have traditional (or not so traditional…..it will be healthied up) ballgame fare. So, in true Lori4squaremom fashion, here’s the menu for tonight’s “party”……

  • sausage and pepper sandwiches (I’ll use turkey italian sausage and whole grain sandwich rolls) with a variety of mustards
  • homemade honey cracker jacks
  • peanuts (in the shell of course!)
  • cold sodas
  • cold water bottles
  • ice cream (it is tradition for us to always grab an ice cream of some sort when we go to the ballpark to watch the games…..the kids REALLY like “dippin’ dots” but they are VERY hard to find and pretty expensive to buy ….. so I’m thinking about making some homemade peach ice cream to use some of the fresh, locally and organically grown peaches that I have on hand

What reason do you have for a party today or this week?

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