Wooo hooo!

Earlier this week I was looking at the grocery ads for Albertsons….well we don’t have an Albertson’s in the city that I live in anymore (it used to be right around the corner from my house, but was bought out by a regional chain grocery store about a year and half ago), but the next city that is just 10 minutes south of us does have an Albertson’s, AND I needed to go and pick up my raw organic milk from the co-op leader there, so I decided that I was going to combine the trips.   After 2 failed attempts to go to pick up my milk, and after looking at the ads (and seeing that they were having a BIG 8 hour sale on Thurs) I made arrangement to go on Thurs.   Well, boy oh boy am I glad I did!   I got over 50 pounds of meat, plus a variety of other things for $92 dollars (with a savings of $109….which isn’t really REAL, as I would have never spent the retail price for those meats, but it sounds good when they tell you that and you see it on the receipt…..but D and I were talking about it and I DID probably save $50, which is still a great savings!!!!).    Some of the deals that I got….. 85% lean ground beef for $1.59/# (this was at the butcher’s counter and was FRESHLY ground just minutes before I bought it, so I bought 10 pounds), boneless/skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 per pound (again, I bought 10 pounds), pork country ribs (these aren’t spare ribs, but the country style ribs…we still enjoy these even though they aren’t spare ribs…. $.99 per pound….bought 4 packages (approx. 3# each)), and tri-tips that were $2.49 per pound….bought 3 that were each approx. 5#…..got one more type of meat, I just don’t remember exactly what it was.    In addition to the meats, I got enough Diet Coke to last us the rest of the summer unless we serve it for guests for a BBQ or something, and 2 bags of tortilla chips that were buy 1 get 1 free and they were a good price to start with, so why not get a second bag for free, right? (I was buying these because according to my D, the chip/salsa balance in our house was uneven….meaning, we had salsa but no chips).   Seems like I bought something else, I just don’t remember what it was….oh! now I remember, a bag of plastic freezer bags to repackage some of those bulk packages of meat for the freezer.

Oh, and speaking of those bulk packages of meat, R came in to help me with opening bags, etc so that I wouldn’t spread meat juices (from my hands) all over the ktichen and cross-contaminate my entire kitchen!    It was so cool having her help me because it reminded me of when I was a teenager and my mom would go and buy big bulks of meat like this when it was on sale, and I’d help HER repackage them into useable amounts for our family and get them ready for the freezer……what a neat thing to be able to pass this knowledge of how to do things like this onto my oldest daughter!    A savings in meat, great!  A fun memory shared, priceless!!!!! 🙂

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