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Gas prices….

Well, this past week gas prices hit a number we never thought we’d REALLY see…..$4.05 per gallon at the CHEAP places…most places are $4.20 per gallon.   Last year when $4 per gallon prices were being talked about, I can remember … Continue reading

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Please Pray!!!!

(First of all, I promise to be back with my regular bloggy stuff in the next day or two, but in the meantime…..) Last night when we got home from a dinner at church my oldest daughter got onto the … Continue reading

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A time of mourning in the state of CA and in our country

Well, thank you all for praying.  Unfortunately, God has another plan for the Golden State, and I’m praying that He and His people are victorious in keeping same sex marriages from becoming legal across this wonderful country! California’s top court … Continue reading

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The state of California

Dear readers, I rarely post about anything political, but there is a VERY important case being heard in the California Supreme Court today.   This case, if it goes the wrong way could affect the moral state of our entire country.   … Continue reading

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VERY busy week…..

Good morning everyone, I pray that you all had a blessed weekend and time of worship this weekend…..I did 🙂   Our pastor is doing an incredible sermon series right now, and it has been very good! Just wanted to … Continue reading

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I have to brag….

on these kids from the school district that my honey works for.   This is amazing!!!!   Please take 5-10 minutes to read both articles and watch the video……these teachers are remarkable, and the students involved?  They are simply amazing!!!!!

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My lunch containers….

A couple of my readers have asked where I got those groovy (my 15 year old daughter would roll her eyes that I said that!) lunch containers.   I bought them at Target last year, they were in the section where … Continue reading

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