Something I’ve noticed….

I have sitetracker (or something like that) on my blog so I can see where my blog readers are in the world, and it somewhat tracks what pages they visit, if they came here from a search engine, etc.    I’ve noticed that since I’ve taken this “blogging break”…unintentional as it was…. that many of my regular readers have been going back and reading past articles and searching past recipes, etc.    I LOVE that!   I am so glad that even though I haven’t been actively blogging, my blog has still been a blessing to my regular (and new) readers.

I would love to hear, if you have a favorite thing that I blog about, or favorite recipe or something from my blog…..would you share it in a comment?   I’d love to hear what my readers like the best about my blog 🙂

Ok, off to the kitchen to make strawberry bread and zucchini bread.

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