Menu Plan Monday–5/26/08

I haven’t listed my menu planning for quite some time… today I am going to list my menu planning for the week. For more bloggers’ menu plans or to participate yourself, please click on the banner below.


Monday (Memorial Day): we had PLANNED an entirely different meal, but with very cold temps (at least for this time of year and for our area) and rain over the weekend, those plans were changed.

  • grilled chicken
  • homemade potato salad
  • green salad
  • brownies for dessert (my sweet little family was so thrilled that I made brownies for them :))


  • I have a small turkey that I’m going to cut into pieces and will slow roast the legs and thighs for tonight’s dinner…going to save the breasts to grind up for tomorrow night’s dinner
  • quinoa pilaf
  • honey glazed carrots
  • stir fried zucchini
  • green salad


  • something with ground turkey……probably italian seasoned turkey burgers with low fat mozzarella cheese and tomato and basil on whole wheat herbed french bread made into burger buns.
  • veggies (this will be based upon what comes in today’s basket)
  • fruit salad


  • teriyaki chicken kabobs
  • steamed brown rice
  • green salad
  • veggie
  • chocolate zucchini bread or cake (if the recipe that I am tinkering with works, I will share it with you all)


  • I think we are going to have to get fast food…..we have a graduation to go to out of town, and will probably have to grab burgers or sandwiches to eat on the way after we go to the bank.


  • pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and homemade bbq sauce
  • pasta salad or homemade mac and cheese (we’ll see how the day goes)
  • veggie
  • green salad


  • I’m cooking for our church’s 8th grade graduation bbq and am hoping for leftovers so that I don’t have to cook 🙂 If we don’t have leftovers, then it will probably be something simple like spaghetti.

Have a blessed week!

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1 Response to Menu Plan Monday–5/26/08

  1. annie says:

    Your menu sounds so good!

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