CRAZY weather!!!!

Ok, this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and where I live, it is the unofficial “Official start to summer”……normally we have our first hot weekend of the year, and swimming, bbqing, and hanging out with friends is the norm.   Not THIS Memorial Day Weekend!  Our high temp on Saturday was 63 and cloudy, Sunday was 53 and drizzly/rainy, Monday was 73 and cloudy most of the day.  CRAZY temps!   We did have a blessed weekend though…..we turned the ringer off on the telephone and hunkered down at home for the entire weekend……did very little.   We had planned to take the kids to see “Chronicles of Narnia  Prince Caspian” on Saturday, so we did that, and went to lunch, and did a little bit of shopping, but other than that, we stayed very low key the rest of the weekend.    It was SOOOOO nice!     Just what we needed 🙂

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