Today’s lunches…..4/30/08

Today is “lunch day”….the day that I make lunches for the ladies at D’s work that buy lunches from me once a week.   This has been such a fun thing for me this past year and half, and I will be very very sad to see it end….two of the ladies are leaving  D’s school district (due to budget cuts) at the end of the school year, and I will be very sad to see them go!   Even though I’ve never met any of these ladies, I still feel close to them, and feel as though I know them.   Probably because I pray for them each week as I’m preparing their lunches, and during the rest of the week when I think of them.     Anyhow, here’s today’s lunches….nothing special, but they are made with a lot of love, and prayer, and I know that the ladies (and my D) will love them!

Today’s lunch included an italian roast beef and reduced fat provolone sandwich on homemade sourdough french bread with pesto, lettuce and tomatoes.  Carrot sticks and snow peas, navel orange slices, mandarin pieces, mango slices and strawberry halves, as well as a granola bar.

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3 Responses to Today’s lunches…..4/30/08

  1. Mari says:

    I didn’t know you did this – what a neat thing to do and a ministry as well. I would like that lunch and even more appreciate the prayers!

  2. Jen says:

    Where do you get those awesome lunch containers? I wonder if dh and I would take our lunches more if we had something practical to put them in!

  3. Gail says:

    Anyone would be thrilled to have such a good looking lunch! I was in Target today and forgot to look for those, but I guess I really don’t have anyone that needs them now…they just seem like they’d be great to have around.

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