In our kitchen this weekend….

Hi all,   Well, this weekend D is smokin’!    What????   Remember, last year, we got him a smoker/bbq that he’d been wanting for Father’s Day.   Well, after not having used it for quite some time now, we are using it today….and loading it up!  He’s smoking a pork butt for pulled pork and he’s smoking tri-tip (and some sausages to have for lunch today).   Tomorrow morning I’ll put on a crockpot full of “baked” beans to go with the pulled pork for tomorrow night’s dinner (we’re having the tri-tip tonight) and I’ll make some creamy coleslaw to go in the pulled pork sandwiches!   Tomorrow morning I’m going to start marinating another pork butt (yes, I know, pork is a big thing right now….that’s because several weeks ago I picked up a value pack of pork butt roasts for $.69 per pound and there were two big roasts in there….well D put them into the freezer together, so they had to be thawed together, which means we have to cook them and eat them together) to make carnitas for lunches and dinner another night this week.   Yesterday when D and I were at the store I picked up a package of sirloin steaks for dinner for one night this weekend, but looking at all of this meat that we are smoking/slow cooking over the next 24 hours, I just can’t imagine having those steaks before next weekend….so, into the freezer they will go :).    I also still need to get the asparagus into the freezer!

So, let’s recap….

*smoked pork for pulled pork sandwiches (and pulled pork bbq pizza later this week)

*smoked tri-tip

*creamy cole slaw

*baked beans


*smoked sausages

*sloppy joes

*prepping asparagus for freezer

*frozen pizza dough

*making 2 types of bbq sauce (one of them is here, the other I will post separately in the next post)

I also have a pot of sun tea going, and made some orange juice this morning.    Well, I think that that’s about it for my kitchen this weekend…..

What’s happening in your kitchen?

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