Today in our home….Friday, 4/18/08

Today I’m not babysitting, the little guy’s parents have the day off today to spend loving on their little man, SO I’m going to take advantage of it and get some organizing/deep cleaning projects done around here!   So here’s what my day will look like….

*personal devotions


*family devotions

*get kids started on school work (today is just math, bible, and some reading/lit., and if they get everything done (including their rooms cleaned, they will get to paint this afternoon…they LOVE to paint, but I limit to when everything else is done in the house so I can use it as motivation))

*clean out 3 drawers in kitchen… “junk drawer” (which I’ve been trying for 2 years now to keep it from being a junk drawer, but it’s hard breaking the habit!), my measuring devices drawer, and my cake decorating drawer (I have some things that aren’t fitting in there and I need to go through it and re-organize it all)

*re-organize the food cupboard

*see about re-organizing the top two shelves of the pantry

*mop kitchen floor

That should keep me busy for most of the day today….still need to figure out what I’m going to cook for dinner tonight.  I took some meat from the freezer this morning for D to smoke and bbq for me this weekend, and I’m going to make some wonderful bbq sauce today also.  But I need to figure out tonight’s dinner…..I may just make some sloppy joes, oven fries, and various veggies.

Oh!  I also need to prep asparagus for the freezer 🙂

Planning on making an apricot cobbler for dessert for tonight as well.   I have apricots in the freezer from last summer, and I need to use them to make room for this year’s crop 🙂  But I also am working on emptying out my freezer so that I can defrost it next week (it’s almost to a point where I can do that)…..need to get it all defrosted and cleaned out for this year’s produce.

Oh!  I’m also going to try to get some work done in my garden area ….. despite having cut the rose bushes WAY WAY WAY back last fall, they are as big and bushy as ever!   So I need to trim them back as well.   My plan is to get my basil plants into the ground this weekend, and also get some tomatoes, peppers, and other herbs into the ground.   I’d also love to try my hand at some cucumbers or zucchini (but those plants get SOOOOOO big!)…..I think I’ll try cucumbers climbing up a trellis (which means I’m going to need to try to get a trellis :))    Today I’m going to finish weeding and turning the soil, so that tomorrow I can amend the soil, and then on Sunday or Monday (after baking) do some planting.

That should be more than enough to keep me very busy today…..what is happening in your home today?

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1 Response to Today in our home….Friday, 4/18/08

  1. Eileen Garner says:

    Cucumber trellis. Well our cucumbers didn’t take. But we did use an old section of chain link for the trellis. It was a frugal idea that didn’t pan out. Bummer… Since the cucumbers didn’t take, boy am I happy we didn’t buy a new trellis. Good luck with yours Lori.

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