Are you “going green”?

One of the very easy ways to be more environmentally conscience is to stop using all of those plastic grocery bags that are abundant across this country.   I have a number of tote bags and reusable grocery bags that I have bought here and there at various markets that I use for much of my grocery shopping.  The bad thing is, I forget to bring them with me, and when I remember to bring them with me, I sometimes forget to bring them into the store with me….if I have D or R with me, I can send one of them to the car to get them for me while I continue shopping, otherwise I have to abandon my cart to go and get them and risk a dutiful employee coming and taking my cart and groceries and putting them away….which would make me very sad!   So more often than not, I’ll just use the plastic grocery bags and then add them to my pile in the garage to take back to the markets to be recycled.     Well, today in an email from Martha Stewart Living, there was a link to a video to make grocery bags from simple t-shirts.   They made two of them in a matter of 4 minutes (granted, there were two pairs of hands working, so realistically, it takes about 4 minutes to make one of these bags), and the best thing?  Actually  there are several advantages….

1) they roll up and fit into your purse to keep in there at all times, so you won’t forget them in your trunk, or worse yet, at home!

2) you are reusing something that still has life left in it

3) the t-shirt bag stretches and gives for bulkier products….something that the canvas or nylon type bags don’t do.

4)  you can  use different sized t-shirts for different uses….adult sizes for regular shopping trips, PLUS sizes for clothes/household shopping, kids sizes for smaller trips maybe to the drug store or other trips where you will only be picking up an item or two…..and these can be very stylish!

Here is the link to the video instructions for this fun and easy and fantasticly “green” craft idea.  The t-shirt shopping bag portion of the video starts at 5:26 time marker.

As soon as I make some of these, I will post the pictures for you all!

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3 Responses to Are you “going green”?

  1. annie says:

    I love that idea. I watched the video and plan to make some of my own now. I just cleaned out a bunch of t-shirts and had them in my car to give to dad for his wood shop, but will pull out some for bags now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lori,
    I have been taking my own bags for over a year now. I hate those plastic sacks,
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Gail says:

    How fun! I needed to get some reusable bags anyway, I feel bad using all those plastic ones….I think the checkers in my store might think I’m crazy if I pull out bags of my own for them to bag stuff! I live in a really small town that has NO recycling at all, it takes years for things to catch on here but I might try it anyway. Do show yours if you make them!

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