God is GOOD!!!!!!

…..and yes, I know that you know that, and I know that, but this weekend he showed me just how good He is!   This past several weeks my co-leader (for our women’s Bible study) and I have been under attack from the enemy, and we have been feeling bruised and battered and sometimes beaten down.  We’d let discouragement and even anger become our friend.  God has been speaking to both of us through our new sermon series at church, and last Thursday at Bible study during the DVD segment we just looked at one another, because Jennifer Rothschild was speaking on some of the same things that our pastor has been speaking on.    Then Friday evening we begin enjoying a blessed time of worship and teaching with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell at the Living Proof Live event, and God showed us just how much He cares, and how much He loves my co-leader and I, and how He was going to restore us to a place of forgiveness and healing (at least that’s what He’s doing for me!).    I got chill-bumps so many times it seemed as though it might be permanent…..you see, God had a message for me, and He showed it to me first through our Pastor, and then through Jennifer Rothschild, and then through Beth Moore, and again through our Pastor, and then this morning, just when I thought the chill bumps had gone away, I was doing my Bible study homework Jennifer Rothschild shared in her writing that God does not want us to live our lives in mediocrity……one of the same statements that Beth Moore had shared this weekend, and I’ve heard it from my pastor in the past few weeks as well.    Ok, so not only is God healing me and teaching me forgiveness, He’s also leading me onto a path of excellence, excellence in Him, not me “doing” excellence, but only in Him can I have that excellence!   God is sooooo good!!!!

Ok, now onto a recap of the weekend for those of you that had asked for that.    On Friday morning I went and picked up my friend S, and waited here at my house for our friend Dayspring to pick us up after she had picked up Megan.  Well, when they got here, and we saw Megan, we realized that she is the sister of one of the young ladies that used to be a part of our Bible study group…..cool, huh?    Off we went on our way to San Diego (we left my house at 8:30 am).   We stopped about an hour south of my house to pick up our friend Dawn (she moved away 2 years ago right after she got married 😦 ), got her loaded into the car and headed further south.   We stopped in Norwalk for gas, potty break, and to stretch.   Then we stopped just a few minutes later in Anaheim and had lunch at a Taco Bell.   Then back into the car and on the rest of the stretch to San Diego, we got stuck in some traffic, and arrived in SD at our hotel at 3:00 pm.   Our rooms weren’t ready for us yet, so we used the rest room and got back into the car to scope out the area to find places for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning, and then onto the arena to scope out parking etc.    We were feeling a bit discouraged because NONE of the lots were marked as public parking and there were no signs for Cox Arena parking at that time.   So we headed back to the hotel to get checked in and relax for a few minutes before  heading out for dinner and to the arena.   While in the lobby of our hotel waiting to be checked in we visited with two ladies that were also going to the conference, and they had parking maps that they had printed out from the internet (why didn’t we think of that? :)), so we figured out which parking structures/lots were available to us, and determined which one we wanted to park in based on our earlier recognizance.      Got checked in, and unloaded into our rooms, and relaxed/visited a little more then off to dinner.   We had found a shopping center between our hotel and the arena that had several different dining options all close together which would accomodate all of us and our needs and desires and tastes.   Then off to be WOWed by God and His servants, Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell and the Praise Team…..amazing!   Miss Beth taught from Psalm 139 and it was incredible!   I am KNOWN by God!

At the end of the evening’s teaching Miss Beth instructed us that she didn’t want us to talk with one another about the teaching, we were to take our “awe” to the Lord and spend time talking it over with Him!   WHAT?  Did she REALLY just tell over 9000 women to not talk about what she had just shared?   Well, it was actually a VERY GOOD thing for me, because it gave me time to digest it all instead of throwing it all back up after having just ingested it (I know that’s gross, but it’s the word picture that God gave me….sorry!)   It went to  the vary marrow of my bones, and nourished me from the very core of my being.   Slept on it, and back up early Saturday morning for more blessed time with my Lord as directed through Travis Cottrell and the Praise team, and through Miss Beth……again, amazing, and more time of just loving my Lord and feeling loved and nourished from Him.    We left the arena at 12:30, and got to our lunch destination (about 2 miles from the arena) at 1:30.  Enjoyed lunch and headed on home at 2:30.   Got stuck in some more heavy duty traffic and stopped for gas and potty break a couple more  times and arrived home around 8:30/8:45 that night…..I was TIRED!!!!!!   Went to bed around 10 and slept HARD all night long.

So on Sunday morning I get up and get ready for worship at church.   Went to church and our Pastor tells us to open our Bibles to Psalm 139.   I started to cry!  I was so overwhelmed with God’s love and care for me, it just overwhelmed me!

So, that was the weekend in a nutshell, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!   Glad to be home, and to carry the special time with my Lord into my daily life as a wife, mom, teacher, AWANA leader and Bible study leader, but most importantly, as a Princess in the Kingdom of God!   A daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!   And with Jesus living within me and directing my very path.

Blessings to you all, if you read through this all! 🙂

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2 Responses to God is GOOD!!!!!!

  1. Gail says:

    Wow, it sounds like a really awesome weekend! The ones I’ve been to with Beth Moore leading and Travis doing music have been exceptional. But you really got me when you said your pastor talked on Psalm 139 too, how neat! And so like God to do for you!

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