Eating healthy can be SOOOO confusing sometimes!

Now let me preface this post with saying that I grew up in a (mostly) whole foods home, and for several years, we were vegetarians due to some health problems that my mom had.   So I grew up with a good base knowledge of what is healthy, what is not, etc.   But I am always reading and researching (lightly, no big heavy reference tomes in this house) about healthy foods, healthy cooking styles, and healthy lifestyles.  And my interest of late has been healthful living as far as our environment is concerned.  Well, in my reading and listening to various speakers and such on the radio and tv, I keep hearing and seeing the words “Super Foods” tossed around, so yesterday I decided to google “super foods” and see what these super foods were (although I had a pretty good idea….or so I thought!), do you know that EVERY SINGLE website that I went to had a different list of super foods?   HUH??????   How can “the experts” be so different on what these nutrient dense foods are?  Then last night I opened up my new book (not necessarily because I am going to follow it, because I’m not, but because I’ve been disputing the information in this book for so many years without having actually read the book that I figured I’d better actually read the book 🙂 ) and saw in the table of contents that there was a chapter called super foods.  I thought “all right!  a list that will make sense”…..nope, not even close to what all of the other lists that I saw yesterday had listed!    No wonder people eat so much junk food, it’s less confusing!   If you’re eating junk, you know it’s junk.   Who knows anymore if what you are eating is really as healthy as what “the experts” say it is, because none of these experts can agree on anything!

I really feel sorry for people that are just starting out in this journey, and see so many different moms and bloggers and folks that are following this method, or that method, and they all disagree with one another!   Makes me very thankful for the good start in eating healthy that I got as a child, and that base knowledge, and for the God-given common sense that I have to know when some of the things that I’m reading aren’t complete, and don’t take all things into consideration (as in, inability to get organic foods, level of exercise, lifestyle, etc)…..

As for our family, I will continue to eat whole grains,  made-from-scratch foods,  seriously limiting packaged foods and refined sugars and white flour and eating as much organic and locally produced/grown foods as possible.

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2 Responses to Eating healthy can be SOOOO confusing sometimes!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lori,
    I have found the same thing. What I do for my family is we eat clean. No processed food. Limited pork. Whole grains,dairy,clean meat,fruits and veggies. I love my Clean Books. The bottom line everything in moderation.:)

  2. Mommaofmany says:

    I think the most confusing “super food” is soy. There is so much evidence that it is bad for us, yet it’s everywhere! I really enjoy a certain health food book, but have to ignore the inclusion of soy as a health food.

    For my family, too, I choose food as close to natural as possible, as much as I can. Makes it pretty simple, most of the time.

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