What I did today…..

Today was an incredible day!   Today actually started several weeks ago….huh? 🙂     Several weeks ago our High School pastor sent out an email to all of the students and parents with a ministry opportunity.   The 70s and over group at our church was looking for a group of students to sponsor to walk in the benefit walk-a-thon for the local jail ministry.   So R inquired and got signed up.   I told her that I would walk with her.   Neither of us had ever done a walk a thon or anything like that, so we didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew we’d have a good time.   So today, we show up at the track that the walk-a-thon is being hosted at, and get all checked in and off we go…..we were walking with another young lady from our youth group that used to be in our small group with her family, and we had SO MUCH fun!    We completed our goal of 2 miles in about 50 minutes (yes, we were walking pretty slowly, more of a leisurely pace), and then the girls went on to complete another mile,  and I did another 1/2 mile (we were called in from the track for some special presentations, and I my legs were not happy about the sudden stop, so I didn’t continue for the last 1/2 mile with the girls).     When we left R told me that she really enjoyed it and wants to do more of these types of things….well, there is a “Relay for Life” coming up soon, so I told her that we could all do it as a family.   So now it’s time to start re-training my body for exercise!  🙂

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