Doing some spring cleaning on my computer…..

and found this photo of D and I at our 5th anniversary party.   D and I were married on 1/27/90, and we eloped.   We didn’t tell our families until 2 days later (no, this wasn’t the wisest decision we ever made, but at the time it felt necessary), we had planned a big reception for later that year when the weather was nice.   Well, before we were able to start planning our reception, our lives were turned completely upside down on June 19, 1990.  My brother was involved in a very serious car accident…..(if you want more details, I will share in a separate post), and was in the hospital clinging to life for the next several months, so our reception got put on the back burner.   Somehow having a party to celebrate our marriage just didn’t seem important anymore.   The years passed and the desire to celebrate our marriage with friends and family came back, so for our 5th Anniversary, in January, 1995 we celebrated with friends and family in a small dinner reception (our friends helped us with a potluck for this).   We had a beautiful cake and got to feed one another cake.  We had our wedding dance together, and a toast to one another and our family and friends.   It was a beautiful evening, and a special blessing because we got to share it with our oldest daughter R (she was almost 2 years old at the time) and our friends’ children, as well as all of our parents and our siblings and D’s grandfather (“Grumpy”).

Here’s one of our fun pictures from the evening…..

Look how young and skinny we were then!  hehehehehe 🙂  Oh how I love my man!

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1 Response to Doing some spring cleaning on my computer…..

  1. Gail says:

    What a cute picture of you and your hubby!

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