A special visit from a special friend….

Earlier this week, I was talking with my youngest daughter, r, and asked her if her friend E had come back for a visit for Easter, and if she was in Sunday School the day before.   She got a sad look on her face, and said “No, she wasn’t there”.   I looked at the clock, and it was after 3:30, which meant that school would be out, so I asked if she wanted to call E….a VERY EXCITED “YES MOM” came from her mouth to my ears 🙂    So I dialed the “long” number (this family moved to a new city that is about 4 hours away several months ago and dialing a long distance phone number is more than r’s 7 year old brain can handle 🙂 ) for her, and waited until E’s mommy answered the phone.   I told E’s mom that we had missed them the day before at our Resurrection Sunday services, and she told me that they were going to be coming to town on Wed, and staying for several days, so I asked if the girls could have a playdate.   r had already decided before I handed the phone over to her to talk to E that they should have a tea party like they did the last time she was here for a playdate right before she moved.   SO, here are some of the pictures of the tea party for the girls….I don’t have E’s mom’s permission to post her pictures (yet, she will be here momentarily to pick E up, so I will ask her then), so these are my “little” girls H (in the polka dotted dress) and r (in the green floral dress).

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1 Response to A special visit from a special friend….

  1. Mari says:

    What a fun thing for the girls to do – they will remember this play date for some time!

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