Another leftover makeover….

I remember when I was a kid my mom used to make potato pancakes for us for breakfast.   We LOVED them, but I had completely forgotten about them until just before Christmas.   I had made a large batch of mashed potatoes for something, and had a lot leftover.    I was pretty sick of mashed potatoes, so I decided to remake them into something different for breakfast.   I mixed mashed potatoes (it was about 4 cups of potatoes) with 2 or 3 eggs (enough to give them a soft consistency), some chopped green onion (this is where you could use anything you had leftover), chopped garlic, and some grated cheese.    Took scoops of it and placed it on my HOT cast iron skillet (that I had lightly oiled with evoo) and let it cook until golden brown and warm in the middle (about 4 minutes), then flipped it over and cooked it on the other side for about 4 minutes.   My kids LOVE these things, and when they know i”m going to make mashed potatoes, they now always ask me to make extras so that they can have potato pancakes.

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