Costco and “making due”

I just have to share this story, as it will affect some of the things that I blog this week……   On Saturday I went to Costco with a friend to help her shop for the meal that she was cooking for our high schoolers at church (I helped her with some of the prep and serving and clean-up since she helped me two weeks ago when I cooked for them).  Anyhow, since we gave up our Costco membership about 1 1/2 years ago, she figured that I’d get some things as well…..when we were leaving she asked me, “aren’t you getting anything?”   My response was “No, I didn’t see anything I needed, and I don’t want to spend anymore grocery money this week”.    And it was true, I don’t want to spend anymore money this week (although I will be paying for my organic raw milk and organic meat order this evening when I go to pick it up), and we have plenty of everything in the freezer and pantry.  SO, this week is all about using what I have on hand already.    And since I normally do a pasta recipe or two each week, and I’m out of pasta (I think…..seems like I should have one more gallon size jar of orechiette, but I haven’t seen it, so maybe I already used it), so I’ll use more potatoes and rice this week than I normally do.

In the same spirit of “making due”, this morning I realized that I’m out of eggs, and my eggs won’t be delivered until later this afternoon, and I kind of freaked out a little about D’s breakfast.   My first thought was, I’ll have him stop at McD’s for a breakfast sandwich, then I remembered that I was trying to not spend any money unnecessarily this week.   Ok, this breakfast sandwich wasn’t NECESSARY, as I do have food in the house!   I just needed to come up with a source of protein that would be breakfasty enough to please my honey.    I had some leftover dinner rolls from last night’s dinner, so I sliced two of those open, and heated them on my skillet along with 2 small slices of ham, and added a couple of slices of our raw cheddar with sage and voila! I had a protein source that was breakfasty enough, and my honey loved it!   AND I didn’t have to spend any money unnecessarily, or fill my honey’s body with fast food.    He ate these little “breakfast biscuits” with a bowl of cut up fruit (each morning, I cut up 3-4 full servings of fruit for him, and he gets half of it in his lunch, and the other half for breakfast) and a cinnamon roll (a thank you gift from a dear friend).

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3 Responses to Costco and “making due”

  1. Gail says:

    I’ve been trying to use up what I have in my freezer and pantry, because I seem to store but never quite use it all! I have had to buy milk and other things like that but I haven’t done a lot of grocery shopping in the last few weeks.
    I did do some other shopping that I might not should have, but it was fun!

  2. Eileen Garner says:

    I find I can go a few weeks without hitting the market. It’s great to know you can “get by” when needed and it gets the creative juices flowing in regards to meal ideas.

    I don’t like to be out of eggs either 🙂 Panic, panic, lol. Why do eggs in the fridge make moms feel so secure? I sleep better with two cartons in the fridge. What if one of the cartons only has one egg in it? Eek! Two cartons for us, always 🙂

  3. amy lapain says:

    howdy! you’ve been writing a lot..i have some catching up to do. we’ve been doing the making due this week. We all have the crud and I have some meals from “once a month cooking” in the freezer and it is amazing that i was able to feed us for over a week w/o going to the grocery. My freezer needs some restocking but except for a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs, we’ve eaten very well w/o spending a dime. I think i will try this at least one week every month or so….

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