A question…..

I was reading on Mrs Catherine’s blog just a few minutes ago, and was going through the side bar articles, and found this question, and wanted to answer it here…..

The answer to this question used to be quite different.   Here’s what my early mornings USED to look like……

alarm would go off, I’d jump out of bed, go to exercise, then spend some time doing my Bible study and pray for friends and family, then begin my day by serving my family in our home.    I never committed my day or my day’s work to the Lord, it was never something I had thought to do.

What changed?

Simply put, we did a study on finances with our small group this past year…we used the Crown Financial Ministries materials, and  one of the week’s of study was based on work….and one of the things that the Lord convicted me about was that I was not doing my work as a wife, mother, teacher, homekeeper, etc as unto Him.   I was going through my day rather undirected, just following my ownself, not committing my day and my work to Him.

Now my early morning looks like this…..

alarm goes off, I send up a prayer asking the Lord to direct my paths that day and I commit my work  to Him that day, get out of bed, etc, etc, (same as above)      What difference has it made?   Well, I certainly can tell a difference between the days that I do this and the days that I don’t!   On the mornings that I don’t take a moment before I get out of bed to just spend just a moment with My Father, I tend to forget things, I tend to run around rather undirected, etc.   It also affects my attitude…..and boy howdy do I need all the help and direction and conviction that I can get there!

Thank you Mrs. Catherine for asking this question! 🙂

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1 Response to A question…..

  1. Amy says:

    I JUST started this…i was listening to Mark Beyers on the internet and he was talking about before he steps out of bed he tells God he wants to love w/ agape love…He wants to love God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength…. and I too can TELL a difference on the days I do that and days I don’t.

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