Is NOTHING safe anymore?

Ok, I have to vent this morning!   It seems like I hear about one or more things per week that are either being recalled or there are warnings being placed on them due to hazardous materials.   The latest of these “discoveries”?    The beautiful twinkling lights that we put up in our home!

Lead in Christmas Lights

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to lead in toys…your holiday decorations may also contain lead. Those strings of Christmas tree lights pose a danger to your family’s health. Look on the back of the box and you’ll find a warning that handling the lights exposes you to lead, which causes birth defects and developmental problems in children. We tested one string for lead. Our test came back positive… after we swabbed the cord the cord that a person would touch when hanging the lights. So how big of a danger is this?  Leticia Barber with Fresno Countyâ??s lead poisoning prevention program said pregnant women should be careful and wash their hands after handling the items.  Children under six years of age should not handle the items if theyâ??re labeled with lead warnings. Berber said young kids are the most at risk because they absorb five-times as much lead as adults do. They also put their fingers in their mouths and that’s how lead gets into our system. It’s not absorbed through the skin… but through your mouth and nose. The best defense is simple – if you handle the lights wash your hands right afterwards.

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