How's it going?

In a comment that my sweet friend Annie wrote today she asked me “how’s it going?”      Well, things have been busy, I’ve been babysitting a lot, and trying to get things around here ready for Christmas, and helping our high school pastor with different things at the church,  and then helping with other ministries, etc.   Then this past weekend I had a rough weekend….on Saturday night I got a phone call from a friend that one of the other moms in our homeschool community had gone home to be with the Lord.   She had lost her 7 year long battle with breast cancer, and left 5 children and an adoring husband here to live and love without her.     She had been praying and asking God to give her until after Easter, but He chose to take her before that…..He had a different perfect plan.    So this past weekend and early this week, I’ve been dealing with my emotions, as well as the emotions of our 14 year old daughter that can’t imagine losing her mommy (and yes, she’s sticking close to me).

We did have something VERY exciting happen this week too though…. our local Christian radio station has a contest running for tickets to the Natalie Grant Christmas Concert in a city near us.   I wrote the following letter to the DJ that was in charge of this contest…..

Hi Jeff,

My name is Lori **  and I am wife to D and mom to the 4 greatest blessings that God could give a woman.  I am writing to you to ask that you would consider me for your contest.  But I’m not asking FOR ME…..I’m asking for our oldest daughter, R.   R is 14 years old, and a freshman in high school.  R gave her life to Christ when she was 4 years old, and has been walking with Him since.  She is mature beyond her years in spiritual growth.   R  made the decision last year for Christmas that she didn’t want or need anything for herself, she wanted her Daddy and I to make a donation to World Vision in her name… we did….we “bought her” a goat to be sent to a third world village in her name for milk and meat.   This year she is asking for the same thing.   She is adamant that she doesn’t need or want anything for herself…..but I KNOW that seeing Natalie Grant’s Christmas concert would bless her socks off!  R and I got to meet Natalie Grant at the Revolve Tour in the fall of 2006, and Natalie’s testimony really affected R.    We stood in line at the Revolve event for Natalie’s autograph, and she took a minute to really encourage my R… was such a big deal to both R and I!   Anyhow,  when R heard that Natalie Grant was going to be in ******* she looked at me with a question in her eyes……unfortunately, we can’t afford the tickets AND to pay for gas to get to *******.  So I’m hoping that you will consider granting my very selfless teen daughter’s wish 🙂

Well, on Tuesday evening they announced that we had won tickets to the concert!   I’m so excited, and R was just ecstatic!!!!   Talk about happy tears 🙂   There is still one more part to the contest, and that is all of the ticket winners will be put into a drawing to see who gets to meet Natalie Grant backstage…..wouldn’t that be a dream come true for our girl?

The concert is on the 16th, and you can be sure that I will be posting pictures! 🙂

So, basically, that is life in a nutshell, and some explanation of why I’ve been a little on the quiet side here on my blog 🙂

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4 Responses to How's it going?

  1. Renee' says:

    Congrats to you and your daughter!! I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I’ll be keeping you and your family and your friend’s family in my prayers.

  2. Marci says:

    What an awesome God we serve. I love to hear stories of God giving people the desires of their heart. Looking forward to pictures!!!

  3. annie says:

    HI Lori.
    That is so wonderful that your daughter is so precious and giving and that she is being rewarded so nicely. I really hope that she gets the backstage pass too.
    I’m sorry about your friend.

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