"Happy Holidays" argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, last night on  our way home, D told me something that really irritated me!   First of all, I really despise the whole “PC …Politically correct” movement.   I think that we should be able to express our opinions and word things the way that WE want to,  and not the way that someone else says I should say it.   And the whole idea of being “culturally sensitive” drives me nuts!   The reason?   No one is sensitive to my being a white, Christian, stay at home, homeschooling mom.   I can be bashed all “they” want, but if I  have to be sensitive to others.   The latest “burr in my saddle” on this is that each month with my husband’s pay stub there is a newsletter from his employer.    Yesterday he noticed that his December 1 paystub’s newsletter had “Happy Holidays” as the header at the top.   When his co-worker called the HR gal that does the newsletter each month, she said that she had originally had Merry Christmas at the top, and that she changed it JUST BEFORE someone else in her office told her she needed to change it to Happy Holiday’s to be culturally sensitive/PC.    I was outraged!     I told D that if I were her (she is a Christian as well) I would have just left that part blank rather than putting the “Happy Holidays” thing up……..     No, I don’t have anything against “Happy Holidays” in a generic sense, but the fact that last year’s newsletter said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and this year it says Happy Holidays smacks of “political correctness”……the sad thing?   The majority of the employees in his company are Christian.

Ok, sorry!   Didn’t mean to “go off” but I had to voice this to someone  🙂

Oh, I also am careful to say “Merry Christmas” to all of the Salvation Army bell ringers, and checkers at stores when they say “Happy Holidays” to me 🙂

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