When you give a homeschool student a project….

Our oldest daughter R is a frosh in high school this year, and she is taking Spanish 2 with several other homeschooled students in our area. Her teacher (who is awesome, by the way! We LOVE her :)) assigned the students to do a report on Paraguay. Well while she was doing her research to answer the questions, she found a lot of additional information. So yesterday, while she was working on this (she spent over an hour on the internet) she was only able to answer a fraction of the questions because she kept finding more interesting information! She was showing it all to me, and I said “well, attach it all to your report” She answered that she had already planned on doing that, but that she didn’t have all of the answers to all of her questions because of getting excited about the additional information she was finding! How’s that for a love of learning 🙂

Yay homeschooling!

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