I got my very first Blog award!!!!

I am so blessed to have such great readers!  I have a faithful few that check in on my blog several times per week,  and I am always so excited to see comments from them.   The funny thing is, they are all complete (well, not COMPLETE….because I do read THEIR blogs :)) strangers to me, but I feel so honored when I go and check my site meter data and see those same city and state names popping up, and knowing that they are still checking on me (and I feel certain that they are also praying for me!).   Anyhow, I was given the Community Blogger Award by Renee at 2 Peas in a Pod.


From Renee’s blog…… “This award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one.”    I agree with Renee that there are so many of you out there!  But I’d like to pass this award onto a few of my favorite Community Blogs.


Mommaofmany at Distinctly Different

Wardeh at Such Treasures 

Sylvia at The Christian Homekeeper

Elizabeth at My Simple Journey

And lastly….

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood 


There are so many more out there, these are just SOME of the blogs that I read that I feel have made an impact on making the Blogging Community a better one.  If you’d like to read more that I feel have made an impact, please click on any of the blogs in my Blogroll in my sidebar (which I DO need to update, will be doing some updating this weekend…..and I have a special announcement that I will be making this weekend as well….and NO I’m NOT pregnant :))


Again, THANK YOU Renee, you really made a busy and stressful week brighter for me!  🙂




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6 Responses to I got my very first Blog award!!!!

  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks so much – you are very sweet!

  2. Mommaofmany says:

    Oh…thank you so much, Lori! I will blog on the award early next week.

    Can’t wait to hear what you’re announcing…I’m on pins and needles! I’ll be checking often!


  3. Lori, thanks! You’re a sweetie. I think you better hurry up with that announcement! 😀

    Love, Wardeh

  4. Ah Lori,
    Thank you so much I feel so honored.

  5. Renee' says:

    You are so very welcome and I am glad it lightened your week! Your blog (and you) are wonderful; I so enjoy coming and visiting.

  6. Renee' says:

    Oops! Forgot to add a word…I so enjoy coming over and visiting at your blog!

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