Yesterday's produce basket….

Well, we are beginning to get down to the end of the wonderful summer produce, so I am enjoying every last bit of it! 🙂

Before I list what was in my basket, I had a friend ask me if I “stage” the basket to make it look so beautiful.   I don’t!   These beautiful baskets are photographed exactly the way they arrive in my kitchen each week from Family Farm Fresh.   Aren’t they beautiful?   Not only do I get wonderful, tasty, mostly organic, all local, all seasonal produce delivered to my kitchen counter each week, but I get beauty delivered each week!   God’s beautiful creation, artistically placed in the baskets, perfect for picture taking!  🙂

So, here’s what was in this week’s basket:

red onion

vidalia onion

armenian cucumbers


gai lon (chinese broccoli)


squash (summer squashes….zucchini, yellow, and patty pan)

cherry tomatoes (Oh how I love these!!!!  the farmer that grows these is so sweet too!)

yellow  “Last Chance” peaches (Last Chance is the varietyy name)




peppers (there was a mixture of a few different types in this week’s basket……anaheim, jalapeno, and an italian sweet pepper)

raw milk white cheddar cheese (I pay extra for this)

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