Steps towards a "greener" home….

Well, each week when I watch “Living with Ed” and “Living Fresh with Sara Snow” I get more ideas on how to make things in our family/home more environmentally friendly.   One of our goals in our home the past few weeks has been to have less trash and more recycling.  We are doing pretty well with this!   The past two weeks the main thing that has gone into the actual trash is food trash that can’t go in the green waste container with the yard waste, plastic/paper/etc that gets dirty and can’t be recycled, and of course the dirty kitty litter.    There, is of course a bit of other trash that goes in, but we’ve been limiting it to two trash bags per week the past two weeks (only filling our trash can half way).   Our recycling has been full all the way to the top…..AND we have been taking our CRV things back to the redemption center to get $$ back for the soda cans from dh’s lunches, water bottles (I know, I know, we REALLY need to get reusable water bottles, and we are working on that….D takes two reusable bottles for his lunches now, but we find that it isn’t always enough water for each person if we are out all day), and 2 liter soda bottles and any glass bottles (juice, etc) that have a redemption value on them.

Yesterday while watching Living with Ed I found out that there are solar powered Christmas lights and yard decorations!   I am sure they are VERY pricey, but what a neat option for those folks that can afford those things.    We will look into it and see what we can add and start replacing some of our existing things……that would be awesome!

Something else that I’m looking for locally is  compact florescent bulbs for our dining room chandalier.   I know that they make them, but haven’t been able to find them locally.   I have found places online to order them, but you have to buy them by the case, and I don’t want to buy 24 at a time…..I only need 5! 🙂

Another thing that I would REALLY like to do is replace our existing thermostat with a programmable thermostat…..and I want to see if our landlady will pay to have the air conditioner/heater unit serviced…..I understand it helps it to run more efficiently.   We DEFINITELY could use that! 🙂

What babysteps are you taking to being more environmentally friendly?

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