Menu Plan Monday On Tuesday :)



Ok, I know that I’m a day late with my menu plan, but I was so busy yesterday with baking and getting other things done that I just didn’t have time to blog. So, here’s my menu plan for this week…..and to see other menu plans please visit Laura’s Organizing Junkie Blog by clicking on the banner above.


Monday: veggie and pasta bake

homemade sourdough french bread

green salad with homemade dressings


Tuesday: broccoli and beef stir fry (for the “veggie” I will make some of this with some pressed and marinated tofu)

brown rice “fried” rice

green salad with asian dressing


Wednesday: ????? We will probably have 2 extra kids here on Wednesday, and I’m not sure yet what I will make

                       Ok….I think I will make garden gumbo and for those that don’t like that I’ll have bean, rice and cheese burritos



Thursday: corned beef and cabbage



fruit salad


Friday: pizza or sub sandwiches


Saturday & Sunday…..not sure yet, will need to go grocery shopping before then.




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