Expiration date on marriages?

Ok, before you think I’ve “gone off my trolley”, read this!

Marriages need expiration dates, lawmaker says

This is so sad, and I am praying for this woman.  But more than that, I will be praying in earnest for the German people and their government this week, as they elect a new leader.   On one hand, I am absolutely appalled at this legislation, and my first thought was “The US government would never let this even get in as a law”…..but then I thought more about it.   Would they?   Considering how easy it is to get a divorce in the US these days, and how easily dismissed commitment (in general, not just in marriage) is in our country, WOULD our government say a stern NO to this legislation?  Or would they let it go to the voters?   What would the voters say?   The last statistic that I heard was something like 56% of all marriages end in divorce (and 51 or 52% of all Christian marriages end in divorce), really, WOULD the legislators in our country be as appalled at this piece of legislation as I am?   I wonder……

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