you know you're a homeschooler when…..

This is  a statement that D made this morning at breakfast.       You know you’re a homeschooler when… find an unidentified insect in your kitchen and rather than killing it, you trap it in a jar to keep it for the kids to identify it.

While we still have no idea what it is….I have caught 2 more in my kitchen this morning…..I think that it is because we have had the windows open so much the past couple of days…..I have two screens (one of which is the sliding glass door in the dining room/kitchen area) that have loose screens.    Anyhow,  D and I got a big laugh out of this this morning!

And the kids spent the morning going through their insect books, science books, and I looked online to see if we could identify these three bugs, but no luck!    The kids are out right now releasing them “in the wild” and they are going to take photos once they are done with that.   Hopefully one of my loyal readers can help identify them for me 🙂

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