Can you help us identify this?

This is one of the three insects that we found in our kitchen today.      The other two insects were same shape and looked exactly the same, except they didn’t have the red “shields”, they were all the grayish/brown color.    Can you help us identify this bugs?

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3 Responses to Can you help us identify this?

  1. Karen says:

    I’m still looking but it looks like a form of a Boxelder bug.

  2. Erin says:

    I found this site recently it should be a big help!

  3. Momma says:

    They’re called Assassin Bugs. We have those, too. They do bite if they feel they are in danger, so be careful! You can handle them, but gently. They are a beneficial bug that eats other harmful bugs. I have watched them in my front window catch and eats flies, so they are my friends! I don’t remove them. They children have learned not to poke at them. is the main site. They have lots of helpful information!


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