School happenings….

Well, school is picking up for us this week… long as no one else gets sick :), and we start our Sign Language Class (ASL) today.   One of my friends is deaf and has taught sign language classes and was an ASL interpreter for several years before she lost her hearing (about 2? years ago…..Victoria, how long has it been?).   Anyhow, she is homeschooling her 13 year old son this year, and volunteered to teach an ASL class for the homeschool community.   We are hosting it here at our house so that our family can participate (we are a one car family and D takes the car to work everyday), and the kids and I are really excited about learning sign language!     One of my best friends has been an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing before, and she will be so excited to see that I am FINALLY learning “her language” 🙂

In addition to the ASL class, R still continues to do fantastically in her Spanish 2 class and she’s LOVING that class!    Next week we will be taking our first big field trip of the year, and it will be a little mini-vacation as well.   We are going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium again this year, and this year we are going to spend the night in Monterey!   We are all excited….we normally make the drive back and forth all in one day (it is about 3 1/2 hours from our front door to the aquarium, and that includes a quick potty break), but this year, since we didn’t get a summer vacation, we are going to spend the night and do some sight seeing there in Monterey…..and possibly hit a California mission (maybe 2?) on the way home.     We are all excited and REALLY looking forward to our little mini-vacation!    Some of the other highlights from this trip will be visiting   Dennis the Menace park , Fisherman’s Wharf (this will be our first time there).   I’m sure we will walk around Cannery Row a little bit (as long as they aren’t doing construction again this year!) and we have promised the kids some time at the beach.     The teacher and history lover in me, wants to try to stop at a California mission or two on the way home…..  we’ll have to see how that goes 🙂    I know that we are all REALLY excited about our little trip, and I AM remembering to take car sick pills this year (last year r got sick on the way over 😦 ).    And it will be fun to get away, even if it is just for 36 or so hours 🙂

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  1. Momma says:

    What date did you get? We’re going on the first of next month. We’ll make the one day trip. Honey won’t be able to take two days off. Glad your feeling better!


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