Ok, I'm whining…..

It’s TOOO hot!!!!!!!!!!!  😦    I was determined to have a good attitude about this heat this week, but it’s just too blazing hot!   What has resulted in my change of attitude?   D is home sick today, so that means I got the van for the day.   I went out to go do the banking, and some light shopping.    Each time I walked out of a store I wanted to suffocate from the heat and the humidity.   according to the weatherchannel.com we are at 93degrees with a feels like temp of 98 and it is only noon!  That means that by the end of the day we will be up over 105 and have a feels like temp of close to 110 or so.   wahhhhh…..I want fall!  (Which, by the way, doesn’t really happen here until November…..like I said in a post the other day, we don’t really have a fall, or much of a spring….we have hot and fog :))

Oh how I wish we had a swimming pool!

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