Excitement is in the air…..

D and I decided this morning to go to church at our old church (an hour’s drive away) this Sunday.   When we moved over 3 years ago we told everyone we’d be back once a month, and other than the Sunday after we moved, we haven’t been back since!    Last night I started really missing some of my old friends, and missing our old church, even though I have been told that it’s different than it was when we were there.  SO, we are going to go back this weekend.   I really need to keep my expectations, and desires at bay for what I would love to happen (such as, everyone being so excited to see us, and everyone saying “Oh, let’s all go to lunch”, etc) and just take what comes in stride.    Oftentimes I build something up so big in my head that when it doesn’t happen the way I think it is going to, I end up being disappointed, and I don’t want to be disappointed over this.

Anyhow, the kids know that we are going to do this and they have the old directory out reminding them who their friends were and everything.  r and H barely remember their friends….M and R are very excited to see their old friends!   And R will get to go to Sunday School in the High School group there….when we left, she had just finished 5th grade, now she’s going back as a High Schooler! 🙂

I’ll be sure to report how it goes next week, and will probably even post pictures 🙂

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