Hospitality or barging in?

We had something occur over the weekend, and last night when we were talking with D’s parents I got quite a different reaction from them than I was expecting (mostly because they are from a different day and age).   It got me to thinking that I really am not happy about my reaction to the occurances of the weekend, and am going to strive to be a better example of Godly hospitality.    Here’s my story…..

We have some friends that are more like brother and sister than just friends, we have known them “forever” and love them dearly.   They were going to be in our town for a get together on Saturday and contacted me earlier in the week to see if they could stop by for a visit.   I told them it wasn’t a good day because we had a dinner to go to right around the time that they were mentioning wanting to come and visit.     So on Saturday morning D and I were sitting in the living room and I started giving him ideas for moving furniture around and such.    Well, we took apart the computers, the book cases, etc, etc, etc and had everything everywhere in the living room.   Late in the afternoon (I was just getting ready to get into the shower for our dinner, and D was still working on moving furniture around) the doorbell rang.   It was our dear friends!   I was very surprised (because I thought that they weren’t coming) and I apologized for the condition of the house (not only was the LR room a mess, but the kitchen was a disaster area….we’d neglected it for a couple of days while we were working on other parts of the house…..but the cat box hadn’t been cleaned out for a couple of days, and the floor in the laundry room (where the cats sleep, and we keep them in there when the windows  are open so that they won’t tear the screens out to get outside) was very much in need of being mopped.    Anyhow, the house was less than company ready, I was sweaty, stinky, and hadn’t showered yet…..and my body wasn’t the only thing that was stinky!   Needless to say, my attitude was such that we were being intruded on, and I was less than hospitable.    How horrible is that???????   I am now very sorry for my attitude, and for the way I looked upon their visit.    I  should have welcomed them in, and we should have sat down and had a real conversation with them rather than continuing to work and being rude.     I now see that God brings these situations into our lives to teach us and train us and to see how we are going to react…….I reacted poorly!  And I’m truly sorry for that.

Anyhow, onto the conversation last night….when we mentioned what had happened over the weekend, a conversation started on how our friends were in the wrong, and you just don’t “barge in” on people like that.  You should always announce your visit (in their defense, they did try, but they called the phone that I keep turned off….maybe they don’t have our newer phone number in their cell phones?) and wait to be invited.   Well, after mulling this over today, and praying about it, I have discovered that my attitude was what was wrong and that I should have extended true hospitality….that is what God would have me do!  And that is what my grandmother would have done, and her mother, grandmother, before her would have done.

SO, J if you are reading this before I have the chance to talk to you, please accept my humblest apologies, and know that you (and anyone else) is welcome in my home anytime, invited or not!

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