A High School Student's take on math….

Some things heard in the kitchen this afternoon in regards to math……

“I think that we need to go back to a monetary system of beads and furs so that we don’t have to do math”

“I think that  if people weren’t so greedy and selfish, we wouldn’t need math”

“Math came after sin entered the world”

“I think I’ll be a youth pastor or a missionary so that I don’t have to learn math”

All heard from the mouth of our 14 year old! 🙂  (Can you tell math is NOT her favorite subject?)

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1 Response to A High School Student's take on math….

  1. Wardeh says:

    Oh, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in your kitchen! Actually, I’d just love to be a visitor again. Please tell R that I think she is so smart (as evidenced by the logic in her comments) that she should be a stellar mathematician!

    Love, Wardeh

    Thank you Wardeh! You know that we would LOVE to have you as a visitor in our kitchen again anytime :). One more thing that R said that I had forgotten about when I posted this was about her Papa (he is a Certified Public Accountant)….she told D that Papa said that she didn’t need algebra other than to pass the class and that it wasn’t anything she’d ever use in her life. D and I just looked at one another and I told D that I was going to let Papa come over and teach her math! 🙂 (Papa works just on the other side of the freeway, right next to the McDonald’s right by the freeway entrance….it is less than a 3 minute drive, and about a 7 minute walk)

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