Some photos from the shower….

Since I don’t have the permission of any of the folks that were at the shower to post their pictures on the internet, I won’t 🙂 But here are some of the pictures ……

First, my beautiful darling 14 y.o. R 🙂 This young lady brings such joy to my heart!

Ok, first, an explanation of the weird things you see in the background of these pictures….this is our church youth room–enough said, right? Actually, it is a very nice youth room, but it is very “youthy” 🙂

(all of the flowers from the tables went in the larger vase by the cake and went home with our guest of honor)

And now the food….. 🙂

All in all it was a beautiful shower, and everyone that came had a great time!  And it was very special to see the young ladies there to bless our new High School pastor’s wife.

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