Saying goodbye….again :(

My little r has had a very sweet little friend for the past 2 1/2 years or so.    Well, recently when r and E were having a playdate here at my house, E’s mommy came to pick her up and told me that they are moving to the greater Sacramento area.   In the next few days, E and r exchanged email postcards (they are only 6 years old and email one another regularly!  It is so cute 🙂 ), and E shared scriptures with r to encourage her to be strong and courageous when her family moved away.

Well, earlier this week, the girls had their “final play date”…..they had so much fun, and I don’t really think that either of them realized just how final this playdate was.   But here’s r and her best friend E.    E, we will miss you darlin’!   And we love you honey!

And here’s a picture of H, r and Miss E.

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