Today's Christian Woman: Encouraging Word

I subscribe to LOTS of free e-newsletters and some of them are great, others are good, others are ok, but have great stuff come through periodically (which is why I continue to subscribe to them).   Anyhow, one of my new favorites is from “Today’s Christian Woman” magazine, it is a daily mini-devotional….it is called “Encouraging Word” and it is just that!  I love getting daily scriptures in my inbox and being reminded of God’s faithfulness.    Well, today’s was JUST what I needed on a day that is normally rushed and leaves me feeling weary at the end of the day… I will reflect upon the peaceful, still waters where the Lord leads me!

Here’s the body of the email:

Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation
“He leads me beside peaceful streams.”

Psalm 23:2b

Encouragement for Today
Picture yourself sitting beside a peaceful stream. What do you see? The world around you is reflected in a way that looks different from your own view as you sit there. It’s as if the water were a camera, capturing a view of the world around you. Allow Jesus to be your Good Shepherd. He will show you a picture of the world the way he wants you to see it.

To subscribe to this daily devotional, you can click on the link above for Encouraging Word.   For more free enewsletters from Christianity Today and all of it’s affiliate magazines, you can click here .

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