Did you know?

(And before I say this, I hope that this is a universal thing across the US and not just here at our local stores, so please call the store to verify before you try this….)

….that Michaels and JoAnn’s accept each other’s coupons?      Not the online coupons, just the ones that come in the weekly ads on Saturday/Sunday mornings.   I was so excited about it that even though I had another Michael’s coupon for this week, I used the JoAnn’s coupon just to see 😉    It worked 🙂

I also know that our local Beverly’s will accept other fabric store coupons as well.

I hope that this information is helpful 🙂

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1 Response to Did you know?

  1. Adriana says:

    I just discoved that last Christmas. It’s great.

    We had a Beverly’s here in town for about 5 years. Oh, I loved it because I used to make the trip 45 minutes to the town that did have one. They sell stuff that no other place does.

    But our Beverly’s closed this last February. I sure do miss them.

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