My new crafting project

In my last post I mentioned helping the high school girls in our church to plan a baby shower for our new high school pastor’s wife. Well, the shower is well into the planning stages, and is ready to go, for the most part! 🙂 My friend that I am working on this with (who happens to be the “old” high school pastor’s wife) and I got together for tea on Saturday and planned everything out, now we need to get some input from the girls on the menu (actually have them vote on what they want of the two choices that K and I came up with), and then do the shopping, set up for the shower, and we are good to go! The invitations are being sent out via postcard this week by our church office, and there will be a flyer on Sunday that will be given to the girls, so we are all set!

Now, onto the FUN part, figuring out what R and I will give as gifts, etc. The young mom has already had two showers from her family and from the church they just left, so they don’t need ANY clothes, what they really need is the practical stuff…..diapers, wipes, diaper genie refills, etc. So R and I will probably go and pick up a package of diapers, wipes and a d.g. refill (all on sale at Target this week, AND I have a couple of coupons that I’ve clipped from the paper recently). But I also wanted to give something personal and fun, so I decided to crochet a baby blanket. I’m a pretty fast and efficient crocheter, and when I was expecting R I crocheted a blanket for her in a couple of days, so I figure I can easily have one done in 2 weeks 🙂 I found a pattern that is a little different than the average baby blanket, and it uses only one skein (albeit it IS a ONE POUND skein :)) of yarn. I was able to use my 40% off coupon at Michaels and got the one skein of yarn for under $5….my kind of a crochet project! 🙂 I had already checked my stash of yarn to see if I had anything that would work, and I didn’t have any light colored/pastel yarn. Here’s the picture of the blanket that I’m making….

It is the Lion Brand Yarn’s “Hooded Baby Blanket” using Pound of Love yarn. (The link for the pattern may require you to register with Lion Brand Yarn’s website. This will give you access to LOTS of free yarn crafting patterns).

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Very cute, Lori!

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