The BBQ….

Went off without a hitch!   It was very successful, I had students coming up and telling me how good everything was, and thanking me for taking care of them this WSN season, etc.   We had a great time, and I had the opportunity to work with 3 GREAT ladies and 2 very sweet and generous gentlemen.    We prepped for, and cooked 200 hamburgers, 166 hot dogs, 3 gallons of potato salad and 10 pounds of cole slaw, cut up 12 watermelons, sliced 15# of farm fresh tomatoes and 4 large farm fresh red sweet onions. cut 6 heads of lettuce.      We did (once again) have leftovers (have to figure this count thing out for this bbq), and a lot of them, BUT this year, I wanted at least some leftovers because they will be used at a BBQ that we are doing for an inner city school on Friday night.

Thank you for your prayers yesterday, God provided all of the food that we needed for $100 less than what we spent last year (which was approx. $100 less than was spent the year before) for the same amount of food.   God is GOOD!!!!!    The ladies kept asking me “How’d you do this for so little $$” (We came in at just over $1 per person for a menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade, ice cream cups, watermelon, cole slaw, potato salad, and chips), I told them “I prayed!”   I pray before going out to shop each week for purchasing the snacks for WSN and prayed before going shopping yesterday for the food for the BBQ.

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  1. Renee' says:

    So glad to hear that everything went well! I was really glad to see you back posting. Take care and have a great weekend!

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