My next adventure :)

I think that I had mentioned here on my blog about some changes in the staffing at our church……basically one of our pastors left to take another job within our denomination .   Several of the other  pastors switched around to meet their “hearts desires”, including our High School pastor moving into an Executive Pastor position.   This left our body without a High School and College Pastor, so the church hired a new pastor.  He is coming from another church within our denomination that is about an hour away from us.   He and his wife are expecting a new baby at the end of August…..their first.   When I first found out that we were getting a new youth pastor I started praying about how we, as a family, could reach out to this young man and his young wife and help them to feel loved and welcomed.  Well, when I heard that they were also expecting their first baby just a few weeks after taking the position here I felt that a baby shower would be the perfect way to do this!   So, I am planning on helping the young ladies in the High School group to plan a baby shower.   The thing is, we will only have 1 week within which to plan it!   The date has already been set, and none of the girls know about it yet….am I stressed?  Oh ya!!!!!!!!!!   I’m really praying we have a good turnout and that the new pastor and his wife feel all of the love that our church has for it’s people.

The shower will be August 12, and I will have a planning meeting with the young ladies next Sunday, the 5th……hoping to do some preliminary planning with the wife of the outgoing youth pastor (the one that is sliding into another position) this weekend.

I will keep you all updated on how it goes 🙂

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