Pray for me :)

Today is the day that I go and do all of the shopping and then preparing for the banquet for this evening for our youth.   I’m very excited, but am a little nervous about doing all of this shopping by myself 🙂

Seriously, I would like to ask for prayer that everything go smoothly tonight, that we have enough food to feed everyone, but not so much food that we have so much leftover that we were not good stewards of using the Lord’s money.   (Although the leftovers will all be used by another ministry for a bbq they are doing on Friday).   Please pray that all of the folks that are helping in the kitchen and on the bbq will all be blessed by spending this time serving the Lord and one another.   And most importantly for the families that may be coming tonight that don’t  know the Lord as their personal Saviour, that a word would be spoken, or a gesture made towards them that would bring them to an eternal relationship with our Lord.

Thank you all, and I’ll let you all know tomorrow how it went 🙂

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