The Servant's Entrance

I was just speaking on the telephone with one of the men on our church staff, and I was asking about getting into the back entrance of the kitchen and I referenced it as the “Service Entrance”, he laughed and said “we call it the Servant’s Entrance”.   I quipped “Well, I’m not a servant”, and then I realized very quickly that I AM just that!  I am a servant of the Lord, and I love every minute of it!   In my daily life, I deal with a good amount of fatigue and low energy levels.  But when I am doing something for the Lord, He always supplies just what I need for the task at hand.   And I am ever-grateful for HIS loving care of me in that respect.   I may not always have the energy to get everything done here in my own home, but God supplies for me just what I need, when I need it to serve Him in the church body and community.

Now I know that many of you are saying “But your first ministry SHOULD be your home”….It is!  Believe me, I give everything I have in me to my family, and if you know me in real life, you know that to be true, and I do firmly believe and try to live out the fact that my family is my first ministry.   But I do enjoy serving God in the community and in our local church body.  One of the areas that He has gifted me is hospitality.  I so enjoy planning events, and serving others through food and drink.

Tomorrow night I am “hosting” a bbq banquet for approximately 250 people at our church.  It is the awards banquet for the youth of our community (and church) Wednesday Sports Network (this is a summer program that our church hosts along with 4 other churches).    Last year was my first year to be involved with this, and I had a good friend that was co-planning/hosting it with me.  This year she has abandoned me (hehehe, if you read this S  you know I’m just teasing :)) and felt the need to go on vacation!   So I’m doing a lot of the hard work by myself….making the list, planning the numbers of each item that I need, and the shopping.   The fun part will be tomorrow night when I get to work in the kitchen with several other ladies and gentlemen from other churches to put it all together!   And I WILL use the SERVANT’S ENTRANCE and I will feel the blessings of my Lord while using that entrance!  🙂

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