Yesterday at church, our Lead Pastor, Pastor Steve, spoke on waiting ON the Lord, IN the Lord, and WITH the Lord…..not exactly Pastor Steve’s words, but with the scripture references he used, that is how the Lord spoke to me.

God showed me that I need to wait ON Him….when I pray, I need to wait for the answer rather than charging ahead in my own power and doing it if it isn’t in His will (And yes, I have done this!…..sad to say, many times)

He also showed me that I need to wait IN Him……I need to abide in Him, the closer I am in my walk with Him, the easier that waiting is for me.

And I also was reminded that I need to wait WITH Him.   Similar to the IN Him, but it was almost like the famous Footprints poem, where you see 2 sets of footprints part of the way, and only 1 set on some parts of the journey, and when you ask God why He left you He says “I carried you through that”……well, that is where the waiting WITH Him comes in….I need to be waiting WITH Him, and letting God be God!

Honestly, sometimes I can be a control freak.  I know that this is something that God has been working on in me for many years now, and I am SO MUCH BETTER than I used to be about relinquishing control, and not having to have my hands in everything.   But I do still struggle with this, and I know that God just wants me to give control to Him.  It’s just so difficult sometimes!

During our service yesterday, we had about 15 minutes of quiet time to spend with God and to “wait” in Him.   It was such precious precious renewing time for me.   I had gone into church tired, weary, and physically exhausted….I left with an energy that could only come from my Lord!   He gave me just what I needed yesterday….renewal.    It was such a precious time of worship….no one else existed in our worship center except for me and my God!

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