God is SO good!!!!

One of the things that I have been dealing with on a personal level for several weeks (possibly upto several months, I honestly couldn’t tell you when it started) is exhaustion.   I wake up in the morning sore, achy and tired.  The sore/achy part goes away after I’ve been moving around for a bit of time, but the tired/exhausted, both mentally and physically,  feeling  sticks with me all day every day.   I have so many friends that deal with chronic pain issues and chronic health issues that this is just something minor, and I’ve never mentioned it to anyone.   Well, yesterday after walking out of church with more energy (physical, emotional, and mental) than I have had for a long time, I decided to ask our small group to please pray for me in this.   Our lesson yesterday in our Crown Financial Ministries study was on work.   The question was asked “Do you work hard?”   I don’t think that I do…..others would disagree, I know, but I personally don’t feel as though I get as much done in a day as I should or could.   Our group has committed to pray for me in this, and I am committed to committing my day to the Lord and working as steadily as I am physically able to “as unto the Lord”.    This morning I have gotten more done in the 9 hours that I’ve been awake than I get done in most FULL days, and it is only 2 pm.    I still have some muffins to make, and dishwasher to load back up, but then I am pretty much done for the day.

God is so good!   And I do know not to push myself too hard, but I also want to be a wife that my husband can call blessed, and a mother that my children will praise, and a daughter of the King that brings Him great glory!   I want my life to count for something!

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  1. Glenys Hicks says:

    Lori, I think you should have a check up. It could be a passing thing such as a virus or it could be fibromyalgia. The symptoms are as you discussed. Whatever, you owe it to yourself to check it out- so that you can be the woman you want to be and serve God and your family well. I will pray for you, my friend.

    Love and God’s blessings,


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